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Whether you’re an existing owner or manager of London offices, or thinking of acquisitions as part of a value-add strategy, when did you last test your projections on what occupiers might actually want?

What options are available to avoid a building becoming a stranded asset and how can you negate substantial outlay in upgrading from basic shell/space to desirable bespoke environments?

An often-quoted statistic is that 40% of all London/South East office space is largely acknowledged as being in need of upgrading.

Office owners with buildings that are within this vulnerability gap are grappling with how to make sure their building does not become obsolete.

As an office design and fit out company, we have highlighted below how we’re increasingly working with landlords to deliver strategies to maximise rents and minimise voids.


The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a significant transformation in work habits with businesses adopting remote and hybrid work models, realising operational efficiencies and employee satisfaction improvements.

Occupiers are no longer satisfied with long-term leases that leave them stuck in uninspiring spaces and are demanding experience-led workspaces that drive engagement and collaboration.

Responding to this growing trend, landlords have been busy repurposing spaces into various flexible workspaces offerings. Working with the likes for Chevalier, Helix Property Advisers and Amsprop Ltd, we at Constructive Space are increasingly delivering more flexible turnkey projects for landlords.

Although offering fitted space will open a wider tenant pool we are still seeing there is no ‘one size fits all’ and occupiers are modifying landlords fitted space to meet their individual needs. 


The energy performance of assets is an everyday conversation and in recent years we have seen a significant shift in the attractiveness to tenants, ability to hold tenants and their interaction with the spaces they occupy driven more and more by the ESG agenda. 

Understanding the careful balance between compliance, carbon reduction and cost management will make sure your assets can stand the test of time.

Energy compliance and management forms an important part of every conversation across the asset life cycle from sales and acquisitions, raising finance, securing good tenants and disposals, energy compliance and management influence all stages and the financial penalties for not getting it right are real.

The key aspect to remember is to avoid assets being stranded and to not only maintain but improve their value. Energy and carbon strategies must be a part of all decision making, none more important when it comes to refurbishment. 

Responding to this growing trend, we have formed strategic partnership with best-in-class sustainability consultants Carbon Profile. This means we can measure, specify and deliver green office building enhancements for asset owners, ensuring they meet the proposed MEES legislative changes by 2030.


Focusing on strategic locations with strong demand for office space and diversifying the property portfolio can reduce the risk of asset stranding. 

Locations with robust infrastructure, transport links, and economic activity are more likely to retain demand for office space. 

On the flip side, when assets are in wrong location with minimal potential to let, the landlord will look at other more extreme opportunities to optimise the building including changing its use class. This could include converting office buildings to other commercial uses or residential, on the commercial side we are seeing conversions to care facilities and laboratory usage.


As pressure on nonperforming office assets grows, investors will need to take action to ensure the buildings do not become stranded assets.

Our goal is to help our clients create user-centric landlord fit-outs that not only function as vibrant hubs but also attract plentiful tenants, cultivating a strong sense of community to enhance asset value well into the future.

Whatever asset enhancements you might be considering, please get in touch with Nick or Chris to receive further details of our CAT A, CAT A+ and CAT B design and fit out projects.

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