In the many years we’ve been working with Charities and NGOs, our profound sense of amazement and admiration never diminishes.

In truth, it’s a big part of why we do it.

Whether a local interest group or a major global name, the dedication of these organisations and their staff is inspirational.

It’s a characteristic that’s both compelling and infectious.

Centre 33 in Cambridge is a perfect example.

Set up in 1981 as a young person’s health clinic, they’ve evolved into a full blown assistance centre covering every aspect of counselling, mental health, and practical assistance, with ‘walk in’ hubs throughout the region.

Centre 33 Staff in 1981 standing outside their first walk in hub.

Their determination to meet the needs of young people across Cambridgeshire, made an instant connection with us. So, to be invited to discuss how we can refurbish their premises, was flattering to say the least.

The moment you walk into any charities operation, so totally focused on their work, your role as a supplier is immediately clear.

It’s an instant clarity that comes with all of our not-for-profit work, but somehow the smaller ones possess an emphasis that have you asking, what else can we do for these people?

The brief included:

  1. Building a Meeting Room
  2. Carpeting
  3. Decorating
  4. Electrics
  5. Project Management and Interior Design
Centre 33's new meeting room.

Despite the clinical and somewhat obvious nature of this list, the impact of doing our jobs well and the contribution that makes, is something we take home with us.

As a footnote, that question “What else can we do?”; we found them some furniture, donated by our other clients and gifted, with our compliments.