Guest blog by Carola Becker

Our physical environment like our homes, offices, and the people around us, affect our wellbeing and way of working: some of us work better alone at home, others need the buzz of a lively and busy office.

Whatever your personal preference, coming together as a team is still vital. A team and the synergies it creates is the basis of creative solutions that bring a business forward. When a team works together towards a goal, they experience the power of the multiplier.

A team is a powerful unit that can’t be underestimated and creating the spaces for them to thrive is of major importance to your business.

But let’s take this thought further: What if your team is not only supported by cutting-edge design and great surroundings, but also feel valued and foster a sense of community knowing that their wellbeing is at the heart of the business?

Thriving businesses need thriving people.

Organisations understand the value their people bring. Creating a wellbeing programme that helps the individual and the team make changes to their way of eating and living to ensure that they can enjoy the unbeatable feeling of being at their best every day is a classic win-win situation.

Employees will benefit from sustainable wellbeing, physical and mental health whilst the organisation benefits from a healthy ROI: productive teams make better decisions, suffer from fewer sickness and stay longer with the business.

What could it look like?

Everything begins with the brain. A healthy brain is calm, focused, thinks more clearly and deals better with challenges, shows better stress resilience and is also happier!

Support your brain with foods, active and passive recovery and you’ve got it in the bag!

We have known for quite some time that certain nutrients like magnesium, omega 3 and iron support brain health and wellbeing. ‘Brain foods’, activity and rest are no fads, they are backed by science!

The all-important last ingredient in the mix is habit-forming. Because no matter how motivated you are at the start, chances are that you fall back into old habits if you don’t create new ones.

Imagine waking up 5min before your alarm goes off. You are focused at work, sail through your day without peaks and troughs, feel calm yet energised enough to go to the gym after work and be a devoted parent or partner in the evening. This is what a successful team looks like!

However you choose to define success, your organisation will thrive when your team can do the same. Eat well, live well and work well.

When the team is on fire, the mission of the organisation is in safe hands.

Carola Becker is a Nutritionist and international speaker with a focus on brain health and performance. She works with organisations and creates strategic wellbeing programmes that have a sustainable impact on the wellbeing of the individual, the team, and the business they work for. You can find more information about her work on her website.