The Top 3 Things Employees Miss Most About The Office

The Top 3 Things Employees Miss Most About The Office

We’ve been keeping a keen eye on what people have been saying about working from home over the course of the pandemic.

Through conversations with clients, surveys and individuals online, we’ve found there to be 3 standout things that people are missing most during their extended absence from the office.


When spending 9-10 hours a day in a physical or virtual workplace environment, it’s understandable that many feel it’s necessary to have something to emotionally connect them to that place. With the wide scale adoption of remote working, surveys have shown many are feeling more lonely and anxious than ever.

This new way of working has now made it increasingly difficult to have “off-the-cuff” chats with colleagues to vent frustrations, jump into moments of collaboration or even just gossip.

Without realising, these light hearted interactions were playing a significant role in the wellbeing of staff.


At this point, we’ve all had our fair share of video meetings, whether on Zoom, Teams or Skype - even with most now having effectively mastered these technologies, it’s been found that these tools can be unexpectedly intense and exhausting.

The usual social cues of body language, expression, tone of voice are all less effectively transmitted over digital technology, often making it difficult to gauge the reactions and perceptions of other participants.

Constantly scanning over the collage of (sometimes pixelated) faces will never be quite the same as sitting around a table with your counterparts and working together.

Connection issues, links and passwords cause additional friction to what is usually an event which requires minimal thought in your traditional work environment.


Now isolated within our own home offices and kitchens, there’s been no real substitute for those impromptu water-cooler chats which can spark a moment of creativity.

Scheduling a video call or ringing a colleague can all seem a bit forced in the effort to make quick conversation.

With it no longer possible to simply walk over to someones desk or bump into each other in the kitchen, collaboration and creativity have taken a major hit in many organisations, concerning for those who rely on it so heavily.

Sharing the odd idea has become improbable when the hurdles of scheduling a meeting or a phone call now stand in the way.

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