COVID-19 Business Continuity Statement

COVID-19 Business Continuity Statement

In light of the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in, Constructive Space would like to provide a statement confirming that it’s “business as usual” whilst we take all preventative measures possible to ensure business continuity in the manner we deem most safe.

All staff, both office-based and site-based have remote access to all operational systems required for the normal progression of all projects.

Office-based staff, including all administrators and design management, have been instructed to work remotely from home as in line with the government’s advice to stop all unnecessary travel.

Site-based staff, including site-based labour and project managers, will have a “partnership” system implemented on all working sites. For each individual on-site, there will be another individual briefed about the project specifics. In the instance that a particular member of site-based staff needs to be removed from the project to self-isolate, the other individual will step-in for the smoothest possible handover. Ensuring all original timelines are adhered to without delay.

With such preventative measures in place, all sites will remain open and we will be starting all new scheduled projects as usual.

We remain open to new business and we look forward to discussing upcoming projects.

As always, we are open to answer any queries and concerns. For current projects, please do get in touch with your designated account manager for further specifics regarding your project.

Our Kindest Regards,

Constructive Space