Young Citizens - Our 2020 Charity of the Year

Young Citizens - Our 2020 Charity of the Year

As many of you will know, Constructive Space elect a “Charity of the Year” every year, to support throughout the course of the period with an aim to raise a considerable sum of money to help the charity with their efforts. As a company, we do a lot of work for charities and NFP’s and so we’re very aware at how important partnerships of this nature can be to their fundraising efforts.

This year, we’ve had a record-breaking number of requests from Charities and NFP’s asking about potential partnerships, however, rather unfortunately, we couldn’t take on every one! After a lot of deliberation and discussion between the directors and management team, we’re proud to announce that Young Citizens are our 2020 Charity of the Year.

Our goal is to raise £15,000 for the charity, whilst raising awareness in anyway we can. Exciting times ahead!

What is Young Citizens?

Young Citizens helps young people become active, engaged and motivated citizens, who are able to contribute positively to their communities – whether those communities are local, national or global. It believes that by helping young people play a full part in their communities, we can help strengthen society. At a time when communities are divided on so many issues, the work of Young Citizens is more important than ever.  

Young Citizens’ work ranges from immersive learning projects where young people learn about the legal justice system to empowering children to take action on social issues they care about most. Young Citizens empowers teachers and volunteering professionals with specialist training and resources to work with young people with a single aim: to help young people be active citizens for life.

Big impact

Every year, around 350,000 children and young people benefit from their work – supporting 4,500 schools and youth groups, working with 2,500 volunteering professionals, and running more than 300 events. Its excellence gained further recognition when nominated as Charity of the Year at the 2019 Charity Times Awards.

Each era brings fresh challenges for young people to face and ours is no different with threats to democracy, the surge of fake news and growing inequality. Young Citizens is rising to the challenge, and so are Constructive Space.

By pledging to this appeal we can help more marginalised and vulnerable young people benefit from their outreach work. Please help us help them by giving whatever you can. Hit the ‘donate’ button and the top of the page and share their work within your networks.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and generosity, it means an awful lot to us and to the work of this valuable charity.

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