CHICKS on Young Carers Awareness Day

CHICKS on Young Carers Awareness Day

Today (31/01/19) is Young Carers Awareness Day in the UK; a day to recognise over 700,000 young people in the UK who support and care for family members.

New research revealed by the Carers Trust shows that young carers and young adult carers’ mental health is affected by the pressures of their caring role, all too often the mental health support they needed just wasn’t there. It also showed how much of their time is spent carrying out household chores, offering emotional or physical support, caring for younger siblings or many other tasks. Young carers often miss out on the chance to play, have free time and enjoy being a child.

CHICKS supports hundreds of young carers every year, giving them the opportunity to make positive childhood memories. Children like Olly* - Olly’s Story

In 2018, 45% of the children referred to CHICKS had caring responsibilities. A week away from home gives them the chance to have fun and enjoy new experiences without any of the worries and everyday tasks that they usually face.

CHICKS Charity Playground

We, Constructive Space, proudly support CHICKS and this year, they’re planning to give hundreds more children like Olly* the chance to be a child again! Our goal for the year is to raise £15,000 for CHICKS and we’ve got off to a good start! - Constructive Space for CHICKS

For more information on how you and your company can support CHICKS please visit CHICKS or contact Sara, Partnership Manager at

Please support CHICKS. The total cost per break per child is £970. In order to provide respite breaks for more children like Olly, they rely wholly on the generosity of their supporters - they receive no government funding. This year alone they need to raise £1.7 million in order to facilitate all the respite breaks planned.

Disclaimer: *name has been changed to protect the child