Share Ideas with Writeable Walls

Share Ideas with Writeable Walls

Working with colleagues comes with some obvious benefits. Collaboration is such a fundamental aspect of most businesses, it’s no surprise we see technology companies continually bringing out new software to make collaboration more practical in the workplace.

However, we’ve recently seen a rise in the demand for sharing ideas the old-fashioned way. Whiteboards. More specifically writeable walls.

There’s no denying online collaboration through services like Dropbox business have an important role in bringing a team together on projects wherever in the world they are. But there’s something incredibly freeing about being able to be in a room with a few colleagues and share ideas with just a marker pen and a board. No need to learn any software, and certainly no reliance on an internet connection.

The most common places for writeable walls are in meeting rooms and informal meeting areas. To fit in with the space, it’s important to select the optimal type.

The two main options for writeable walls are glass writing boards and white board wall coverings.

Lintex Mood Wall

Swedish company, Lintex, manufacture a beautiful glass writing board called “Mood Wall”. Made from tempered low iron glass, the board gives fantastic colour reproduction. Installation is also easy with the board attached to the wall using wall brackets. Available in 24 colours, there will be no problem selecting a colour to match your current or future office space.

Lintex Mood Wall Colours

Alternatively, Textura manufacture “Walltalkers”. These are much more like the whiteboards we all know. Being able to be produced to match the exact dimensions of your wall, you’re able to achieve a full height, floor to ceiling whiteboard which sits flush against the wall. Like any other wallcovering, the “Walltalker” is installed by simply applying adhesive and sticking up. Another great thing about this is that it’s flexible, the whiteboard can be applied around curved walls unlike glass so there’s no need to worry about unsightly cut offs. Oh, and it also comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Not bad.

Textura Walltalkers

Would a writeable wall be a welcome addition to your office?

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