Why You Shouldn't Refurbish Your Office

Why You Shouldn't Refurbish Your Office

Every few years companies look to interior design and fit-out firms to plan, create and build their new workspace.

You won’t find much online about the drawbacks of a refreshed office space so that’s why I’m here - to put a dampener on things.

1 A new office means change… and no one likes change. That familiar odd smell you get as you walk through the door. The unapologetic rocking of your desk when you lean on one side. The decade-old coffee machine you can operate with your eyes closed whilst performing 3 other tasks. A new office means all this will disappear. Everything will smell, look and feel clean. Everything will work as it should and clients will give you compliments when they visit. How… boring.

2 You will have more space for yourself. With space planning, design professionals can figure out ways to optimise any given workspace to create more space per person, or square foot per person if you want to look at it in a more quantifiable way. Sometimes this is done by reducing unnecessarily large spaces like that 10 person meeting room no one ever uses. But get rid of that? Where are you going to set up the table tennis for the Christmas party?

3 People will want to work for you. Workspace design plays a major role when it comes to acquiring top talent. Having such a desirable workspace will mean you will have a continuous stream of applicants who will want to join your team. Think about the number of CV’s of highly qualified, highly skilled people you’ll have to sort through. What a pain.

You may not agree with my points. If this is the case it might be an idea to contact an interior design and fit-out company (such as ourselves) – but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

See you on the next one,