Five Takeaways from NeoCon

Five Takeaways from NeoCon

NeoCon Emerging Trends

Every year, NeoCon arrives as the harbinger of new product offerings within the contract/commercial marketplace. The conference establishes the emerging trends for how furniture manufacturers are responding to needs in today’s workplace environment. To help those who couldn’t join the 50,000 conference attendees but still want a perspective on the insights and “zeitgeist” of NeoCon, the following excerpt from the CANNONDESIGN article offers an overview of the key themes and related products impacting the marketplace.

Wellness Rising to New Heights A pervasive theme throughout NeoCon was the elevated awareness of wellness in the workplace. We know that people spend a majority of time each day in the workplace and they are impacted by the products, materials, and ergonomics in the space. We continue to find more ways to correlate these factors to employee productivity, effectiveness, comfort and health.

Privacy, Please Within the increasingly open workplace landscape, the topic of privacy to allow individuals the opportunity for quiet concentrated work is of essential focus. Offering nearby enclaves or small conference rooms is critical and manufacturers are beginning to create other settings that afford respite.

Rise of the Ottoman Empire In order to address the need for providing settings that are easily “hackable” for teams to reconfigure and support meaningful collaboration, the ottoman has become the low cost effective champion.

Welcome Home Residential and hospitality design is making an impact on workplace design. As organizations seek to make their workplace feels more like a brand experience, more informal and ultimately more responsive to the millennial effect on the workforce, they’re turning to these disciplines for ideas.

A Large Canvas Due to the emergence of larger, more open floor planning arrangements, the visibility of floor material is making a stronger presence. Specifically, where carpeting is being used for comfort and acoustical purposes in contrast to harder surfaces (concrete or tile), larger scale patterns and textures are making a big impact and serving as a larger canvas.

NeoCon took place from 15-17 June in Chicago.

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