Do you pray for ‘any other business’ when in a meeting?

Do you pray for ‘any other business’ when in a meeting?

It’s a fact – organisations have too many meetings. And a company’s (and employee’s) health suffers. Evidently, many executives are addicted to the meetings culture.

It has been found that some people spend their entire day in meetings and the average person works only three days (productively) a week. And, guess what, ‘unproductive meetings’ were the main cause of the two wasted days.

But, of course, we all know that the meeting is of extreme executive importance: who calls it, who chairs it, who is invited and who is not. The meeting has been described as the ‘secret killer of productivity’ so why do we continue to waste so much time. It needs a brave person to ban meetings or suggest they are only held on a certain day of the week. So maybe it’s time to make a stand - just think how much more productive we’d all become.

When a meeting must be held consider how and where the meeting should be convened. Should everyone be standing/walking or sitting in a room only booked for a short time? And the number, length and size of meetings must be reduced. The small number of meeting attendees will then be focused to achieve the meeting’s objectives and finish on time.

The result could be a phenomenal improvement in work rate!

Simon Jenkins, a Guardian columnist has written an excellent article ‘Crushing morale, killing productivity – why do offices put up with meetings?’ - Article