Pentatonic - Furniture Recycled

Pentatonic - Furniture Recycled

I recently stumbled across a new and very interesting start up brand called Pentatonic. A furniture company with a difference.

Pentatonic make furniture from entirely recycled materials. Whether it be an old smartphone, coke can or cigarette butt – if it has the potential to be used in their furniture, Pentatonic will use it.

I found this particularly interesting due to the current global events. Global warming is hitting the planet hard, with disastrous fires and floods creeping up in areas at a daily rate. I find it reassuring to see companies take matters into their own hands and show they truly care about the health of the planet.

From watching Pentatonic’s video (link below), the thing which struck me the most was giving the customer the ability to trade back the furniture at any point for it to be recycled and used again in new products. I work with furniture orders on a daily basis and a lot of the orders require the removal and disposal of existing (old) furniture. You wouldn’t believe some of the furniture people throw away. Near perfect condition workstations with nothing more than a scratch on the side.

Pentatonic are looking to change the shape of the furniture industry by showing how products can be produced from recycled materials on a large scale. Their first collection of furniture will be launched during this year’s London Design Festival.

I am certainly looking forward to getting hands on with the products as I know our clients will love them.


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