Why the Design and Build Industry Continues to Cold Call

Why the Design and Build Industry Continues to Cold Call

Cold calling has got a bad rap. In many cases, deservedly so. Someone you’ve never met, calling you from out the blue, reading a robotic like script shovelling a product or service down your throat in the hope the soul on the receiving end is interested enough to further communicate.

Unfortunately, this still happens in our Industry. But cold calling isn’t always a bad thing, it just depends on who’s on the phone.

The whole landscape of marketing and selling has changed dramatically over the last 10-15 years. Long gone are the days where a niche company like ourselves would be able to call up a potential lead and have a guaranteed second call organised to allow the client to find out more about what we do. Everything is now online – there’s absolutely no reason for a client to organise further calls when all the information they could possibly want is a google search away.

But this is exactly why we still cold call. If a company were to simply google search “Office Design Company London”. We, along with many others, wouldn’t be shown on the first few pages of the search results – as we don’t have the financial firepower to invest heavily into google ads and specialist firms to drive up SEO. Without cold calling, it’s much more likely these companies wouldn’t even know we exist – and without full knowledge of the market, how can a company make a fully informed decision about which design and build firm to choose?

I know I’m biased, but I strongly believe we are the best at what we do. Director led office design with an organisational structure which allows us to be one of the most competitively priced fit-out firms in London. Without cold-calling, too many companies are misinformed about the options of design and build firms available to them – with only the “big boys” getting a look in. Cold calling allows a company like ourselves to bypass this advantage and level out the playing field.

Having said that, there’s a right way to cold call and a wrong way. As previously mentioned, very few people like picking up the phone to someone reading a script. And no one likes a pushy salesman who won’t take no for answer. Politely ask for the answer to your question and never come across as aggressive. If your lead is remotely interested in what you have to say and you’re friendly, chances are you will strike up a conversation which may go further. There’s always the opportunity to market yourself further down the road, as long as you haven’t already tarnished your reputation.

What are your thoughts on cold calling – a necessary approach or always a nuisance?

Blog by Rob White, Pre-Construction Manager at Constructive Space.

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