UK Office Workers Are Not Exercising Enough

UK Office Workers Are Not Exercising Enough

A survey commissioned by Pure Gym has found that 35% of UK office workers fail to achieve the NHS’s recommended exercise quota of 150 minutes per week.

Francine Davis, strategic and commercial development director at Pure Gym says “Regular exercise is not only proven to support overall health and wellbeing but there are also many workplace benefits, including increased energy levels and a reduced risk of stress and depression”.

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With such benefits, it seems odd that such a proportion of office workers don’t fulfil this quota.

Studies show contributing factors leading to this lack of activity include long commuting hours, with 15% saying that travelling to and from work takes up a considerable amount of time, which could be spent exercising. Another 14% blame insufficient lunch breaks not giving them enough time to exercise during the day.

The obvious solution to those flagging up insufficient lunch breaks, would be to extend the time given for lunch. Increasing lunch breaks by even 30 mins may allow workers to visit a nearby gym before eating.

Commuting varies from each worker significantly. Flexible working can resolve the issue for those with long commuting times. A company may allow for work from home on selected days to encourage workers to use the time they would have spent commuting to exercise instead. Unfortunately, this is limited to those who have the ability to work away from the office.

Break out areas in work spaces are ever evolving, with companies starting to utilise them more for activities to allow the worker to get away from the desk. Exercise doesn’t have to be heavy, just enough to get the body moving. Table tennis is a popular favourite among clients and designers, due to its light form of competition and exercise. With it being generally easy to incorporate into the layout of the office, it gets workers out of their chairs.

Pure Gym have also produced a series of simple and time efficient exercises which can be done in the office, which can be found below.