Do you really need to relocate your office or can where you are now, be made to work? We explain our free property assessment service for charities and why, post pandemic, it’s become a vital resource.

In the far off, distant days before Covid, preparations for relocating a Charity office would probably have been indistinguishable from that of any other organisation.

Suppliers certainly used words like ‘charity specialist’ or ‘not for profit’ but the narrative, particularly in regard to property, often made little difference to the overall approach… or the costs.

This is in stark contrast to a few years earlier when the 3rd sector was seen very much as a charity case in its own right. It was unfashionable, regarded as one with little return on investment and therefore generally avoided by mainstream contractors.

Which led us to wonder just how you support a charity, even when they’re not doing anything.

A Reality Check

The NFP sector is one of the most culturally diverse in the modern UK economy. It is also one of the largest.

Pre’ Pandemic it employed 909,088 people representing almost 3% of the total UK paid workforce (figures June 2019 UK CIVIL SOCIETY ALMANAC 2020).

Secondary businesses and support industries are estimated at many times that number, so its’ logical to presume ‘Charities’ contribute massively to the overall financial landscape. They will therefore also be a critical component in any recovery.

The classical image of a non-profit organisation is of a collection of socially aware, highly motivated individuals focusing on alleviating the problems inflicted by a social/political injustice or environmental dynamic.

This is in-part a fair assumption, though doesn’t begin to describe how each organisation uniquely rises to its’ own particular set of challenges.

To an outsider, an office of people is much like any other, regardless of their activities.

Whatever the day-to-day reality, suppliers like us are in no position to make such assumptions. Indeed, our experience has taught us quite the opposite.


When any not-for-profit decides to relocate their office, it’s usually through absolute necessity and the very last thing any would willingly want to undertake.

Landlords don’t usually want empty buildings.

So given that statement, what are your options?

The lockdowns have changed almost everything for more or less’ everyone. 

Seems a simple enough statement but there really is no going back to the way things were. 

Are you staying or moving? Do you really need us at all?

If your landlord has given you options to extend the lease, did that translate in a new free rent period or have they also offered to help refurbish?

Either way someone needs to do the numbers.

The Basics anyone should know – and should use.

‘There’s no such thing as qualified, free advice’. This is absolutely not true.

Constructive have always done these kinds of initial assessments free of charge to any charity or Not-For-Profit organisation.

Its’ taken us well over 30 years and many projects, to give this a measurable monetary value.

We look at everything from the utilities, to the time travelled by staff each morning, to the implications of moving within a particular building. 

If you’re honestly not sure, we’d be happy to help.

And it really is free of charge.

Reach out today: or contact us.